Reading Time: 13 minutes By: Brad Moore
Exploring The Sinner's Prayer and Genuine Faith

The “sinner’s prayer” emerges quietly in one’s heart when a person fully realizes their sinful nature and need for a Savior. Simply saying this prayer does not automatically fix our brokenness with God. Rather, the essence of the prayer is a heartfelt confession of sin and an earnest desire for God’s redemptive grace and salvation through faith in Christ.

In recent decades, the sinner’s prayer has received both strong support and criticism. Supporters believe it gives people a clear way to express the faith they are placing in Christ.

Reading Time: 27 minutes By: Brad Moore

I recently read a News article published by the Religious News Service titled ‘Is this when we disappear?’ Rapture triggers haunt the Left Behind generation, April 17, 2023 by Kathryn Post. It has left me concerned and worried about what has the church been teaching regarding the concept of the Rapture. How are we being taught to interpret Paul’s teachings in 1 Thessalonians and 1 Corinthians? In what ways have these truths become distorted in America today? Should the concept of the Rapture scare a true believer of Christ?

Reading Time: 12 minutes By: Brad Moore

The Quest for Truth: Knowledge, Fact, and Transcendence

One of the key tenants of Approved to God is that God is truth and God is knowable and thus truth is also knowable. In the larger world view Truth, Knowledge and Fact are much more malleable. What we seek to do in this essay is examine these concepts from a perspective that incorporates current thinking and philosophy that is not specifically bound to a religious view of these subjects, but seeks to tease out from them why the perspective on these subjects held by those of faith is both intellectually satisfying as it is spiritually accurate.