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The ordinance of Baptism

What Does it Mean to Be Saved?

There are people to whom the idea of salvation in Christianity seems like a puzzling or even daunting concept. It’s a word that gets thrown around a lot in religious circles, but what does it actually mean? When someone says they’re “saved,” what exactly are they saved from? And more importantly, how does one get saved?

These are questions that countless individuals have grappled with, and the answers aren’t always clear. Some might think that being saved is about living a good life and doing enough positive things to outweigh the bad.

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God creates Adam


As skepticism and secularism gain more traction in our world today, establishing a rational defense of belief in God and Jesus Christ has become increasingly important. The principles of first principles reasoning, foundational to philosophy and science alike, offer a compelling avenue to ground such an argument providing convincing reasoning for this belief. This article draws from the wisdom and arguments of renowned apologists like Norm Geisler, J. Warner Wallace, Greg Koukl, Lee Strobel, Josh McDowell, C.S. Lewis, Tim Keller, Hugh Ross, as well as the timeless truths of the Word of God itself.

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Why Become a Christian - Prayer

Life is punctuated by countless decisions, yet few compare in weight and profound significance to choosing a spiritual path. As we navigate life’s ebbs and flows, we often confront an intrinsic yearning—a universal search for deeper meaning, purpose, and a connection beyond our earthly lives’ transience.

Every individual, at some point, grapples with existential questions. Why are we here? What is our ultimate purpose? Is there a grand design to all of this? These questions are not mere philosophical musings; they reflect our shared desire for redemption, a reconciliation with the divine, and an understanding of our place in creation’s vast tapestry.

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How to become a Christian


A Christian is someone who follows Christ. The term ‘Christian’ literally means “Little Christ” and was used to describe Christ followers in the first century. Acts 11 tells us that in Antioch, after Barnabas and Paul taught the disciples for about a year, people started calling them Christians.

To become a Christian, you only need faith. It’s not complicated or mystical. You don’t have to say special words or do specific rituals. Some people may choose to pray a prayer of repentance and acceptance, often called the “Sinner’s Prayer.”

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David and Goliath

No Armor Required

What lessons can the story of David and Goliath tell us? Sure – this is a commonly known Bible story. I first learned it when in grade school as my Sunday school teacher put pictures of David and Goliath up on a flannel board (do you remember those). Of course this is a classic underdog story where David, scrawny kid comes to battle a huge mountain of a man and through God’s grace and power beats him. It seems like a simple enough story on the surface, but deep within comes real truth.

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What is the Gospel and Why It Matters

“What is the gospel?” This question is at very heartbeat of the Christian faith. The word “gospel” literally means “Good News”. To understand the gospel is to grasp and believe the narrative of redemption, and the symphony of grace and love that God extends through the work of His Son. Understanding is just the beginning; Paul challenges us to appropriate it into our lives. After all, it is the very power power of salvation according to Romans 1:16 which tells us: “