Reading Time: 15 minutes By: Brad Moore
God wrath on the day of final judgement of the earth.


There are a lot of people discussing end times events and questioning whether we are living in the last days. With the world facing numerous challenges, from natural disasters to global conflicts, it’s no wonder that many are questioning whether we are on the brink of Armageddon as told in the Bible.  

Many people are searching for answers and many others are conflating biblical prophecy and wild Hollywood stories as the grapple with these uncertain times that we are living in today. 

Reading Time: 16 minutes By: Brad Moore
Meeting Jesus in the clouds - The Rapture

Understanding the Church during End Times

The Rapture, a topic of intrigue and debate, often sparks curiosity and questions. It’s a subject that has captured the imagination of many, both within and outside religious circles. The concept has been hyped in both circles, but is widely misunderstood.

What is the Rapture? It is a concept most commonly associated with conservative branches of Christianity, particularly Evangelical and Fundamentalist branches. It was popularized by Hall Lindsay in the 70’s and later by Jerry Jenkins and Tim Lehaye in the Left Behind book series.