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Communication via printed words


Language is the lifeblood of human communication and understanding. The words we choose to express our thoughts, beliefs, and ideas matter immensely. As our society continually evolves, the meanings of words can shift and diverge from their original intentions.  Words like respect, justice and freedom have multiple nuanced meanings, often creating a tangled web of misunderstandings. This linguistic phenomenon is particularly problematic when discussing complex, concepts like truth, belief systems, and the intricate frameworks found within Christian thought.

In today’s world, we frequently encounter situations where people seem to agree on the surface, only to realize that they hold fundamentally different underlying beliefs and ideologies.

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Ruins seen in Laodicea

Is the Western Church the Church of Laodicea Spoken of in Revelations?

The book of Revelation is a mysterious and challenging book to be sure. In it God reveals what His wrath against the unbelieving world will look like at the end of the age. Fortunately, it is not written to scare or worry those who believe in Christ as their Lord and Savior, rather it was written as a reassurance of God’s control of events worldwide and across time and His plan to rescue His people Israel and to protect His saints.

Reading Time: 15 minutes By: Brad Moore
Church at the crossroads

Maintaining Godly Standards Amid Cultural Decay

In the Christian West we stand at a crossroads. We are watching hundreds of churches leave the United Methodists and others grapple with the inroads that modern culture is making in traditional Christendom. Christian standards are under attack amid todays rampant cultural decay. What are we to do as the body in these perilous times and what are we to say of sin as we see many churches capitulate to the demands of the modern woke movement?