Reading Time: 10 minutes By: Brad Moore
Christmas tree with presents below


As we gather for this festive season our homes are filled with the warmth of family, perhaps surrounded by children and grandchildren. The Christmas tree stands adorned with twinkling lights, its branches sheltering a collection of brightly wrapped packages. Laughter, good food, and festive fun are the order of the day. Yet, amidst these delightful traditions, there exists a gift far more profound than anything nestled under the tree. It’s the gift of God’s own Son, the God of creation who chose to come to earth as a baby and lay in a manger.

Reading Time: 15 minutes By: Brad Moore
David and Goliath

No Armor Required

What lessons can the story of David and Goliath tell us? Sure – this is a commonly known Bible story. I first learned it when in grade school as my Sunday school teacher put pictures of David and Goliath up on a flannel board (do you remember those). Of course this is a classic underdog story where David, scrawny kid comes to battle a huge mountain of a man and through God’s grace and power beats him. It seems like a simple enough story on the surface, but deep within comes real truth.