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Why Good People Go To Hell

This is a question that many people wrestle with. If God is good, how can he justify sending good people to hell? The answer to this question really lies in how we understand the goodness of God and the nature of man’s own heart.

I had the pleasure to publish an article on this very subject on a friend’s blog recently. I want to invite you to read it – How Can a Good God Condemn People to Hell

Like I said, I would encourage you to read this article as it lays the foundation of why a good God not only would but actually must condemn good people who fail to accept Him to eternity in hell.

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Why Become a Christian - Prayer

Life is punctuated by countless decisions, yet few compare in weight and profound significance to choosing a spiritual path. As we navigate life’s ebbs and flows, we often confront an intrinsic yearning—a universal search for deeper meaning, purpose, and a connection beyond our earthly lives’ transience.

Every individual, at some point, grapples with existential questions. Why are we here? What is our ultimate purpose? Is there a grand design to all of this? These questions are not mere philosophical musings; they reflect our shared desire for redemption, a reconciliation with the divine, and an understanding of our place in creation’s vast tapestry.

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How to become a Christian


A Christian is someone who follows Christ. The term ‘Christian’ literally means “Little Christ” and was used to describe Christ followers in the first century. Acts 11 tells us that in Antioch, after Barnabas and Paul taught the disciples for about a year, people started calling them Christians.

To become a Christian, you only need faith. It’s not complicated or mystical. You don’t have to say special words or do specific rituals. Some people may choose to pray a prayer of repentance and acceptance, often called the “Sinner’s Prayer.”

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Ruins seen in Laodicea

Is the Western Church the Church of Laodicea Spoken of in Revelations?

The book of Revelation is a mysterious and challenging book to be sure. In it God reveals what His wrath against the unbelieving world will look like at the end of the age. Fortunately, it is not written to scare or worry those who believe in Christ as their Lord and Savior, rather it was written as a reassurance of God’s control of events worldwide and across time and His plan to rescue His people Israel and to protect His saints.